"So I wanted ‘abs’ but what I actually got is: confidence, motivation, education, more energy, improved posture, actual enjoyment and satisfaction"

I’ve always been relatively into exercising since a teenager, but no matter how many sit-ups I did I never seemed to get those ‘abs’ I always desired.

I thought I would achieve this through starting with a PT and I’d met Neil a year previous, he was so passionate and positive I knew if I ever did consider a PT it would be him.

So I wanted ‘abs’ but what I actually got is: confidence, motivation, education, more energy, improved posture, actual enjoyment and satisfaction from the gym and a better understanding of nutrition. I’ve discovered muscles I didn’t know I had and I’m learning how to use them! I will never go back to the treadmill and sit-ups. I can’t thank Neil enough for all he has done and all he is yet to do in the future!

What were your expectations and motivations when starting Personal Training?

I have always been relatively active however my knowledge in the gym was really lacking. I started with Pioneer to learn ‘what to do in the gym’ to achieve my potential and to enjoy the gym again. I was anxious especially as I had never done a lot of the larger compound exercises before but found I really enjoyed them!


What was your lifestyle and nutrition like before starting?

I would still work out 3/4 times a week either the gym or play netball. However, the gym was half an hour on the treadmill and a few sit-ups. We did eat healthily but had the odd naughty snacks in like cookies or ice cream. I didn’t count my calories or look too much into what and how much I was eating.

How has your diet and lifestyle changed?

I am now much more cautious with how much I am eating, we always prep meals and I am excited to try new recipes which are healthy and low calorie. I enjoy the gym much more and see achievement within it rather than just a chore you have to do every day. My partner and I have both become more motivated in the gym and the kitchen! Tracking my calories and macros with myfitness pal really helps me keep on track!.


What was the hardest “bad habit” to kick during this process?

Chocolate bars! and snacking on a night or when you get back from work.


How has the change in nutrition and training impacted your lifestyle and energy levels outside of the gym?

I feel more motivated to get up on a morning and go to the gym or later at night. I see a difference when I keep on track with food and exercise I’m happier with my body composition and how it feels so that in turn keeps me at it. I see it as a longterm lifestyle change rather than a quick fad diet.


What have you learned since working with your coach?

So much! How to enjoy the gym, what to do in the gym, what muscles I have and how to use them. Where my ‘faults’ are in terms of posture, form and my bodies own quirks. Also, the recipe books are great to try different foods and cooking in bulk makes prepping for the week easy.


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