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Our Privacy Policy outlines how we use data at Pioneer Performance. All data provided freely by clients, enquirers or website visitors is held in accordance with UK Data Protection regulations. We will not pass your e-mail address to any 3rd Parties.

There will be times when photography and video takes place at the gym premises. Should you not say otherwise, we will assume that you are happy to have your photo taken. There is no pressure to do so, please just speak to your coach. By consenting to have your photograph taken, you are agreeing to the use of the images in marketing materials.

In accordance with the Guide to Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, we will always ask for consent for any electronic communication with a client/enquirer – for example, ticking a box, clicking an icon, sending an email, or subscribing to a service. You are entitles to withdraw your consent at any time.

Website Disclaimer 

The information provided on this website is for general consumption. We advise anyone wanting to undertake exercise or major nutritional changes to consult their doctor beforehand. We do not guarantee results for individuals as there are many factors which can affect progress. This will all be discussed on a 1-1 basis with an experienced coach. You are fully responsible for your decision to follow generic fitness advice.


Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to your device (ie. computer, laptop, mobile phone) when you visit a website. They in no way give us access to your computer or any data you do not choose to share with us. Our traffic log cookies help us to understand how our website visitors use the site, and how we can improve your experience. They are for statistical and marketing purposes only.

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