Pioneer Performance: Unrivalled Personal Training in Newcastle

At Pioneer Performance, our personal trainers are experts in their field, highly qualified and passionate about fitness and nutrition. Our private training facility is located close to Newcastle’s Quayside. We work with clients from across the North East providing tailored personal training solutions to help them reach their goals. We believe in bespoke programs – one size does not fit all.

So whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or improve your athletic performance, we can work with you. We will tailor your path to success around your lifestyle, job and family to make sure your goals are achievable and your results are sustainable.

You won’t find fads, silly diets or endless hours of cardio with us – if you’re going to make considerable change to your health and body composition, your training and nutrition needs to be something you still see yourself doing years down the line – not just a month before a summer holiday! We’re here to support you with your nutrition, motivate you to make the most of your time at the gym, educate you about how your body works and coach you to break the habits of a lifetime.

Now it’s time to see our clients results.

What our clients say

“Pioneer Performance gave me that extra boost that i needed in my life and in my confidence. I can now influence people at work and in my social life and more people are coming to me for advice on how to stay fit and healthy!”


“Before coming to Pioneer i found myself consistently thinking but not consistently doing. Now that i’ve lost 32 lbs i’m a completely different person. The structure that’s put in place and the continuous tracking of results really helps keep you accountable. My coach Alex was always there to make changes and provide support when i needed it”


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