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Join our team & develop into a world-class Personal Trainer.

Personal Training Careers at Pioneer Performance

Pioneer Performance seeks professional, passionate and qualified L3 Personal Trainers to join our team.

We require individuals committed to continuous professional growth, devoted to their client's success, and eager to collaborate with a team of motivated and like-minded individuals...

Alone we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.

Over the last 9 years, Pioneer Performance has changed the landscape of Personal Training in the North East.

We have built a fantastic culture of progress, professionalism & intensity without intimidation. This means our clients are delivered a service that is second to none with results far extending what they thought possible.

At the heart of our culture is the Pioneer Performance Team, many of which have been a part of the business for over seven years and counting.

We pride ourselves in providing a structure that works for everyone & minimises many of the common pitfalls plagued by the "rent space" model utilised by commercial gyms.

Our private Quayside facility has been developed to foster the success of every person who walks in the door.

We can teach you all the skills and knowledge you need to be a world-class Personal Trainer.

This is not an easy ride. The road to progression is one that's attempted by many but completed by few. 

At Pioneer Performance, we can teach you all the skills and knowledge you need to be a world-class Personal Trainer. However, on the other hand, tenacity is almost impossible to teach, and it's something you need to possess...

When you work with us, we require you to work hard, not just at helping our clients achieve the outcomes they came to us for, but also at advancing your skills & knowledge.

We take the results and experience of our clients personally, and we expect you to do the same.

Prerequisites for applying to work with us:

To apply for a Personal Trainer position at Pioneer Performance you must:

Have a level 3 Personal Training Qualification.
Have a long-term dedication to your own education & professional development.
Be willing to integrate into a tight-knit team of professionals.
Be heavily invested in your own health and physical progression - you don't need to be a bodybuilder, but we do expect you to be able to demonstrate a love & passion for training. We want you to be a role model of health to your clients.
Have a results-focused mindset whilst also ensuring that clients can enjoy the process.  

Our structure:

Pioneer Performance has career pathways for Full-Time Employed Personal Trainers - where we supply your clients, so you can focus on coaching and delivering an excellent service to your roster of clients. 

But just so you know - we aren't here for short-term relationships... We're just not those types of people. If you apply to work with us, consider this a long-term career option. This is for the benefit of you, us & our clients.

As our business grows & develops, we will have more opportunities become available (of which many of our coaches have already been able to take advantage of). This includes but isn't limited to Facility management, Sales Roles, Mentoring Jr Coaches & being involved in Pioneer Performance Education Camps.

How does working at
Pioneer Performance differ from most commercial gyms?

At Pioneer Performance, we strive to establish a supportive atmosphere for our clients and team members to prosper. Our coaches are dedicated to becoming well-versed experts in their field, earning recognition from both clients and the industry for their abilities and expertise in producing positive results for our clients.

Commercial Gyms

Competing for clients on the gym floor.
Busy, uncontrolled environment.
Teaching group exercise classes.
No Personal Training standards.
Lack of business structure & undercutting of prices.
No educational investment.
Lack of team cohesion
Lack of unity & community among members/coaches

Pioneer Performance

Pioneer Performance supplies all of your clients.
A controlled environment, best equipment & continuous reinvestment.
High level of service & Personal Training standards.
Clear structure & set pricing for clients.
CPD provided by us, as well as potential funding for your education.
A supportive team of people who want to see you win.

Process of Application:



Send In a Cover Letter & CV

Tell us about yourself, where your passions lie & your current employment circumstances.

All applications are treated as strictly confidential & only handled by managers. We are very straightforward. If we don't feel like you would be a good fit, we will respect your time.



Book in a Call

If we like what we see in your cover letter & CV, we will book a call to discuss everything in more detail & assess what positions we can accommodate.

If we don't feel like you are the right fit, we're happy to provide you with some feedback based on your CV.



In-Person Interview

This is a chance for you to come into Pioneer Performance, see our facility, feel our culture & learn more about how we operate.

We'll also learn more about you & your skillset. This is also a perfect opportunity to ask any burning questions that you might have.



Case Study & Gym Floor Assessment

We provide a case study and ask you to demonstrate how you would aim to work with that particular client.

We then put that into practice on the gym floor.



Final Interview

Once we've gathered all of the information that we need, we provide you with feedback & we then decide if we feel like you would be a good fit for our business.

The process from Steps 1 - 5 normally takes 2-3 weeks for successful candidates. Start dates depend on individual circumstances.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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