"Not only have I lost loads of weight, but I've gained a confidence which I've never had before."

Technology Consultant Lewis was struggling to gain control of physical health, and he was witnessing his body weight spiral to levels he’d never seen before. 

As Lewis’s body weight was continuing to go in the wrong direction, so was his confidence. His sedentary lifestyle, meant that at 23 years old he had gained the nick name “old man” by his colleague’s at the office. Lewis was aware that he needed to tackle both his physical health & confidence levels before they sank deeper into a position which was going to be harder to bounce back from.

Although Lewis was ready to make a change, he was aware that he needed to pick a sustainable training solution which wouldn’t require hours of dedication in the gym, as well as nutrition plan that would coincide with his work commitments. Through undertaking a partnership with his Pioneer Performance coach, Lewis was able to reduce his body weight by 15 kilos.

“Not only have I lost shed loads of weight, but I’ve gained a confidence which I never had before.”

Lewis instantly took to the training & nutrition program laid out by his coach. Within 3 weeks, Lewis was seeing physical results and had witnessed his body weight reduce by 5 kilos.

“I’m more confident going out with friends & meeting new people. In the office people have noticed that I’m a lot more energetic, lively & happy.”

Undertaking this journey wasn’t something which was done lightly. Lewis wanted an experience which was going to see him develop a positive relationship with training & exercise, as well as a return on his financial investment. 

“I had a lot of uncertainties before starting, however all my concerns were put at ease as soon as I walked in. I knew that the friendly environment was somewhere that I could prosper”

“The minute you walk in here you’ll meet the team, see the gym, the facilities and you’ll want to stay here. You won’t want to go any other gym. Even if you have to travel you’ll find yourself comparing every other gym to this one here”.

The confidence which Lewis has gained through this journey in his words is “unmeasurable.” He has also built the nutritional knowledge to remain in control & informed on how to retain a healthy diet.


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Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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