Rachel B


Rachel wanted to look & feel as good as possible for her hen do and wedding. However, after so much time away from training, she found herself at the heaviest weight she’d ever been and lacking the knowledge, confidence and motivation to take the necessary steps forward.

Nonetheless, she was determined to look and feel her best ahead of her special occasions. Fast forward 11 months and Rachel has attained results she barely dreamed possible.

Rachel's Journey

What were your expectations and motivations when starting Personal Training?

“I wanted to feel as good as possible for my hen do and wedding, having seen how Pioneer Performance operates online & the results on social media, I knew I would be pushed outside of my comfort zone and educated on what I had to do to achieve my goals. I wanted to feel confident in the gym again (I hadn’t been in a gym for over 3 years), and I needed to be educated on nutrition.”

What was stopping you from getting in shape before working with your trainer?

“I felt I was too long out of the gym game & I was the heaviest I had ever been. I was also struggling with self-motivation – I need to be held accountable & pushed further than I would push myself.”

Before starting this journey, Rachel had no idea how she was going to get to a place where she felt happy and confident with her body.

What was your lifestyle and nutrition like before starting?

“I thought I was quite healthy, but looking back, I had no control over portion size. I was also falling into the trap of what was ‘Instagram healthy’ – avocado poached eggs, toast, etc, with no real understanding of what calories are in things, how much protein I should be having, etc.”

How has your diet and lifestyle changed?

“My diet has completely changed, with weighing out my food I feel completely in control of what I’m putting inside my body & have gained a much better understanding on what I need to eat to fuel my body properly and to see results. I am also a lot more active now that I track my steps and overall i feel a lot fitter and lighter.”

What was the hardest “bad habit” to kick during this process?

“Eating out! Me and my partner got into the habit of eating out nearly every weekend, I soon learned during this process that it is just impossible to track and stay focused on your goals. We do still eat out save it for special occasions & take this into consideration when making food choices the day before/after.”

What did you learn about yourself during this process?

“I learned that I need accountability to keep me on track. I also realised that I was making excuses as to why I couldn’t fit exercise into my lifestyle. I’ve now realised that I can very much still have a life and follow a process like this at the same time.”

How has the change in nutrition and training impacted your lifestyle and energy levels outside of the gym?

“I feel like this has been a huge lifestyle change for me, I can't see myself not hitting a steps per day target now and will continue to track my food – I’m all for the 80/20 balance and not for the quick fix intense dieting/training.”

What would you say to anyone on the fence about working with Pioneer Performance?

“I would say 100% do it, it is worth it for self-confidence alone! I feel I’ve built a good friendship with Matty & the team at Pioneer Performance and can’t imagine not being there weekly (and doing some exercise here & there….)”

Are you ready to build your body like Rachel?

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Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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