How Phil dispelled decades of myths on training and nutrition to lose over 26lbs, gain strength and improve his posture in 11 weeks.

“I started my fitness journey three years ago, having multiple different PT’s that either left me feeling deflate for having one biscuit in a moment of weakness, ending up fat and injured through their “eat big and lift bigger” ethos or feeling used by enduring a session of them talking about themselves and each client doing the same thing. I tried many workout and diets plans on the internet, which I changed fortnightly as I read more articles the plan I was using then seemed ineffective.

A colleague told me about Pioneer Fitness, they exuded the virtues and their successes they had with them and the friendliness of the team. The website shows the usual before and after pictures, with my usual cynicism I thought these had been photoshopped / quick win cutting of body fat.

I attend a gym which I’m comfortable at and is local to me. I work shifts and find it difficult to finish on time / be tied down with appointments all the time. I spoke with Matthew, the online PT seemed to be a good fit for me, although initially the concept seemed odd and slightly uncomfortable.

The results I’ve achieved and support I have received has been unparalleled to anything I’ve had before. Matthew aims to inform and educate you rather than feed you information which makes you dependent on him / his services. The work out and diet plans are regularly adjusted to me, through feedback requested by Matthew, body composition monitoring, photo check ins & feedback from me. A text message or email to him with a workout video or asking or advice and a short while later (usually minutes later) you get a reply (I don’t think he sleeps or has a day off!). Weekly feedback to Matthew and regular flexible two way contacts makes it an easy, supportive and a flexible way of achieving your goals.”

How Phil dispelled decades of myths on training and nutrition to lose over 26 lbs, gain strength and improve his posture in 11 weeks.

The internet can be a very informative place, but at the same time it can also be one of the biggest hindrances in your ability to make progress. This is exactly where our client Phil found himself when he came to us at Pioneer Performance to start our online coaching process.

Phil had been reading articles and purchasing training programs online which may seem like one of the most effective ways to bring yourself into shape. However with the vast array of methods and misinformation it lead him to a place that many people end up – paralysis by analysis.

When starting with Phil, as we do with all of our online clients, we asked him to complete our food diary, send over some snippets of his training (specified by us) along with measurements and starting progress pictures.

Our client on ramping system is very detailed however to cut a long story short, after skyping with Phil and taking on board the information he provided us with it was very clear how we should start his journey and which things we should prioritise, these were:

– Reduce stress
– Improve recovery
– Improve food quality
– Program training relative to his muscular imbalances

That was it.

Our main methods in reducing stress included adjusting training (from 6 days to 4 days), improve sleep with some basic supplementation and we got rid of inflammatory processed foods. In total these very simple adjustments seen Phil reduce his body weight by 10lbs in 14 days.

Once we had Phil in a better position with training and with an increased his ability to recover, we were able to ramp his training up to get him closer to his body composition goals. This included an emphasis on progressive overload and included some moderate cardio vascular training. To date this has allowed us to reduce body weight by 26lbs which has lead us into a new starting position for Phil.

Moving forward we will now focus on improving muscular size whilst keeping body fat at bay!

Phil didn’t work with us at our Pioneer Performance Facility but utilised our fully online service. If you like these results find out more on how we can help you get into the best shape of your life anywhere in the world.

Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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