Online Coaching at Pioneer Performance

We have now developed the systems which enable us to work with clients anywhere in the world. Our online coaching contains all of the training & nutrition programming which our 121 clients receive as well as the support and accountability which we provide outside of the gym.

  • Wherever you are currently training, we build an exercise program geared to you. This is reviewed periodically and adapted as you progress towards your goal.

    We educate you and show you how to make sure your training develops in a way that is conducive to your goals.

    In order to build an exercise program relative to where you are right now, we ask you to take short snippets of video alongside your starting progress pictures to ascertain the best way to kick-start your training.

  • We ask every new client to complete our Pioneer Performance food diary before we embark on advising you on how to approach nutrition. This also allows us to identify any potential issues which some foods may be causing you and lets us develop a better understanding of your nutritional habits and behaviours.

    Some people may start with counting calories & macronutrients and for others, we may take an approach that just simplifies years of misunderstanding around nutrition.

    What is consistent regardless of wherever you start is that your nutrition, just like your training, is completely individual to you and progressive.

  • One of the most distinct differences between online and 121 coaching is that we only work with those who are truly motivated and ready to change online.

    With 121 coaching we can work with anyone due to the hands-on approach we have the opportunity to take. However, online coaching does require a greater degree of competence and discipline in order to get the very best results.

    In order to help you through the coaching process, you have access to online coaching videos and guidance. Alongside a weekly check-in and bi-weekly progress review with your coach where any necessary adjustments are made.

Online Coaching FAQs

Interested in Online Coaching?

If you’re interested in our online coaching program, please get in touch by following the link and completing the form.

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