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Pete, an NHS doctor, has always had an avid interest in sport and exercise. However, he always found it hard to decipher right from wrong when searching for advice on how to best structure training and nutrition. This left his training and his results sporadic.

Since contacting us and since having his training and nutrition taken over by a Pioneer Performance coach, he has been able to fast-track his progress.

"On my own in the same timeframe, I think I could have achieved about 50% of the results I do with Pioneer. For me, time is my most valuable resource, with Pioneer, I can really maximise every gym session and my diet to make the most out of each week, whether it's gaining muscle or losing fat."

Pete's Journey

What were your expectations and motivations when starting Personal Training?

I’d tried to gain muscle a few times on my own both for sport and to look better generally. I’d had some success, but it was sporadic, and there was so much information online that it was really difficult to sift through and identify precisely what I needed. I sought someone with experience and knowledge to highlight the important bits and discard the useless “bro – -science” advice.

Did you have any hesitations or uncertainties before starting your journey?

I have a heavy background in various sports, some of which were at a high level (international etc), and I wasn’t sure whether having a PT would actually make that much of a difference as I know how to push myself and train hard. 

I think people get different things from it, my most significant weaknesses were my diet and knowledge of weight training programs. I already knew how to train hard; however needed guidance on what exercises were right for me and how to structure everything.

What was your lifestyle and nutrition like before starting?

I was already fairly sporty and did lots of exercise, although it wasn’t really strength-focused. To be completely honest, my nutrition was a shambles. I was under-eating & had barely any protein in my diet – I knew this aspect of my lifestyle would take some work.

How has your diet and lifestyle changed?

My diet had a complete revamp, I eat probably around double what I used to and a significantly higher protein content. Still now, it's a struggle some days, but I feel so much healthier for it. 

Honestly, my lifestyle hasn’t changed much, but I now feel like I have more of a result for my healthy lifestyle! I feel more confident in how I look, and I feel healthier. But like I said, I’ve always enjoyed training and doing sport. Undergoing this journey has been another branch of that.

What was the hardest “bad habit” to kick during this process?

For me, it was definitely diet. I admit it’s still not perfect, but it’s leagues better than it used to be. People are right when they say the results from training are built in the kitchen!

What have you learned since working with your coach?

I've learned a lot more about manipulating my diet to achieve the goals I want, whether that’s gaining muscle or losing fat. I’ve also learned a lot about weights programs and progressive overload.

What would you say to anyone on the fence about working with Pioneer Performance?

On my own in the same timeframe, I think I could have achieved about 50% of the results I did with Pioneer. For me, time is my most valuable resource with Pioneer I can really maximise every gym session and my diet to make the most out of each week whether it's gaining muscle or losing fat.

Are you ready to build your body like Pete?

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Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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