Will lost an astonishing 97 lbs and regained control of his health & lifestyle.

Meet Will, a 43-year-old father of two who, for years, had been struggling with his weight and overall health. Will had always been aware of his weight issues but had always found excuses to procrastinate taking action. 

As a result, his health and lifestyle spiralled out of control, and his body weight was at an all-time high.

Will was suffering from joint issues, was no longer able to run, had sleeping problems, and his mental health was in a difficult place. He kept turning to food for comfort instead of facing the real issues, which exasperated every problem he had. He couldn't even look in the mirror.

One day, after being unable to bear looking at himself in the mirror again, Will decided enough was enough. He put his hand up and asked us for help. 

Dan, his Pioneer Performance Coach, was ready to help Will turn his health around for the sake of his young family.

Over the next 12 months, Will worked closely with Dan to achieve his goals and has lost an incredible 97 lbs!

Together, they focused on addressing Will’s nutrition by creating an approach that worked for his busy and demanding job but also didn’t isolate him from family meal times. Making it easy for Will to stick to.

With his nutrition on track, Dan created a workout plan tailored to Will’s specific needs.

One of the biggest challenges Will faced was staying motivated. But with Dan’s encouragement and support, Will was able to stay consistent on the tough days and see progress in his body and overall fitness level. Dan also gave Will regular check-ins and progress updates to keep him motivated and accountable.

Through his journey with Dan, Will transformed his body and achieved his weight loss goals and regained control of his health. He learned how to make healthier choices and developed a sustainable fitness routine that he could continue long after his journey with Dan.

Will now has his eating and drinking habits under control. His stress levels are dramatically lower. He can sleep again. And most importantly, he’s in a position to know that he will be there to support his young family. 

Will’s transformation was not just physical, it was also mental and emotional. He was able to find balance in his life and was able to be present for his family.

Will’s transformation was a true testament to the power of having an invested Coach by your side. 

Dan helped Will achieve his physical goals and provided him with the support, guidance, and accountability he needed to make lasting changes to his health and lifestyle.

If you’re like Will and looking to make a change and achieve your fitness goals, contact us to book your free consultation. 

Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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