"If you are sitting on the fence about contacting Pioneer Performance I would 100% say jump in and go for it. It has hands down been the best thing I’ve done. It’s out on its own when it comes to coaching"

Although Kelsey had always been a member of a gym throughout her adult life she'd never picked up a barbell, or even explored any form of weight training at all!

After being inspired by some female athletes on TV creating amazing physiques with weight training, she knew that she "wanted to get hench" and improve her self confessed diet of chicken and chips for the better!

With the help of Pioneer Coach, she's kicked the snacking habit into touch and implemented a structured 3 x per week weight training plan into her daily life. With this she's been able to lose a fantastic 18lbs, gaining muscle tissue and strength in the process.


What were your motivations behind starting Personal Training?

My main motivation behind starting personal training was seeing the sheer amount of muscle and strength that women competing in the CrossFit Games had. I’d never seen women lift heavy and compete on the same level as men which inspired me to want to train. I came into Pioneer having one goal, that being I wanted to ‘get hench’.

Did you have any training experience before starting?

I’d been in and out of gyms from a young age training in different forms of dance mainly working on flexibility and cardio but had never picked up a bar or a dumbbell before starting training at Pioneer.

What was your nutrition and lifestyle like before working with your coach?

My nutrition before working with Neil was hands down my biggest downfall. I would eat chocolate and drink RedBull throughout the day and what I classed as my ‘proper meal’ consisted of chicken nuggets and chips 7 days a week. My lifestyle before training was all go, I worked 2 jobs 6 days a week with no priority list or real fitness goals.

How has your diet and lifestyle changed since starting?

Since starting training with my coach everything has changed. The first major difference was my diet. Neil helped me in understanding that the knowledge of food, macros and tracking everything can become second nature. My training has come on leaps and bounds from walking into the gym not knowing what or where muscles were to being able to lift weights I could have never imagined a year ago.

My mindset at the beginning went through some ups and downs but seeing the passion that Neil has for his job, the gym and the invested time he puts in to ensuring everything is good with dieting and training soon wore off on me and now the Pioneer gym is my second home. The process of dieting and training has become my life and I have managed to set goals I wouldn’t have thought twice about.

What has been the hardest habit to kick during the process?

The hardest habit to kick during the process would have to be snacking at every hour of the day. Working as much as I did I didn’t allow for a meal time, I would snack all day on chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks which when it came to fixing my diet switching to healthier snacks and a set routine for meals was difficult.

If you are sitting on the fence about contacting Pioneer Performance I would 100% say jump in and go for it. It has hands down been the best thing I’ve done. It’s out on its own when it comes to coaching, everyone is so welcoming and happy to lend a hand if ever you need it. The gym has such a positive energy where everyone just wants to see you succeed. An all round great place to learn and train.


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