Are you taking part in one of our nations favorite half marathons? The Great North Run is almost upon us and our Pioneer Performance Coach Sam Bacon has some fantastic warm up’s to keep running safely and to help you put down a great performance!

Lunge Variations

1. Lunge & Reach.

Purpose: Quad, Hamstring & Glute Activation + Hip Flexor Stretch.

Execution: Stride length should be long enough so that you can achieve a vertical shin position on the front leg, but not so long that you overextend the low back. Reach up, not back.

2. Lunge & Rotate.

Purpose: Quad, Hamstring & Glute Activation + Dynamic Stretch of Trunk Rotation Musculature.

Execution: Same lunge as the lunge and reach. This time rotate towards the front leg ensuring the hips stay facing forward. Rotation should come from the trunk/shoulders, not the arms.

3. Side/Lateral Lunge.

Purpose: Adductor Activation, Frontal (Side-Side) Plane Motion.

Execution: Take a big step out to the side, knee should be roughly above the foot. Feet facing forwards, chest up and arms out in front. Maintain a straight back, hinging at the hips. The trail leg should remain straight as you lunge to the other side.


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