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I have always had a love for training ever since my early teens. Over the years this has evolved into an extreme passion of mine. I went on to obtain a BSc in Applied Sport & Exercise Science and an MSc in Strength & Conditioning.

To put this knowledge to good use, I am always striving to improve my coaching practice by engaging in regular professional development activities and continue to gain knowledge and experience in a variety of training environments and contexts. I aim to become the ultimate practitioner by combining a diverse range of industry expertise from areas such as health and fitness, sport science, strength and conditioning, physical therapy and nutrition.

My approach as a PT involves providing you with what you want, but also importantly with what you need! I aim to educate and empower you to make change. To do so, I need to get to know you as a person! A high level of understanding of both you and training translates into a comprehensive yet simple exercise prescription relative to your circumstances. It’s about you, not me!

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The quality of service I provide will continue to improve, forever increasing the value of what I have to offer. I specialise in mobility, performance enhancement and strength and conditioning, but primarily work with clients looking to change their body composition, develop their physique and ultimately feel more confident. It’s about making it fun, effective and sustainable.

When I’m not training others, I am likely ‘practising what I preach’ and pursuing my own passion for all things movement and training. I hope to instill this same love for training in my clients.

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