Years Of Over Training Come To a End

Raymond came with the goal of adding lean muscle tissue and overhauling his body composition.

When Raymond started working with Pioneer Performance Coach Neil , he was cycling long distances, under eating and scared of carbohydrates due to the inaccurate information the media presents.

Raymond was expending a large number of calories which was not in line with his goals. Neil started with Raymond by tapering down the miles on the bike and increasing calories, emphasising carbohydrates around his training to enhance recovery.

From here Raymond was able to do something he had failed to achieve previously, recover effectively from exercise. Raymond fell into one of the biggest traps a male or female can face whilst trying to add muscle tissue, which is overtraining and under recovering. During the process of adding muscle tissue there must be a small calorie excess in place to support muscle growth.

Raymond has worked tremendously to build a strong foundation to carry on building muscle tissue with and more importantly he understands the fundamentals to help him move with his physique.

Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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