Lucy wanted to get in shape for her wedding

Lucy came to us with the primary goal of getting into shape for her wedding, which was approximately 18 weeks away. While Lucy does have some experience of weight training it wasn’t something which she would part take in frequently.

Working as a fundraiser for a North East based charity, Lucy has a very demanding job which requires careful time management.

Here is the process we used to get Lucy

Phase 1 – (3 Weeks) During the initial phases of working with us we set a calorie baseline to determine where Lucy’s metabolic rate was at and training was very basic and of a low to moderate intensity in order to familiarise with contracting muscle effectively and efficiently.

We also found all of the cafe’s and food stores within a quarter mile radius of Lucy’s work place which could provide suitable options for her lunch and the calories which we had planned out for that meal.

Phase 2 – (12 Weeks) Once familiar with weight training, we increased the intensity of her training and began to prioritise the development of Lucy’s physique. Meaning we placed more training focus onto area’s where we needed to add muscle tissue in order to create the look she desired. During this phase, we were able to increase muscle mass whilst also reducing body fat.

Phase 3 – In the last stage of Lucy’s training (3 weeks long) we began to increase the intensity of training further to increase calorie expenditure, however, to support the demands of training and to preserve muscle tissue we introduced carbohydrate cycling. The primary focus of this stage was to reduce body fat. Although this may sound ‘advanced’ and ‘demanding’ it really wasn’t. Lucy was still able to consume the foods she enjoyed and maintain her social life in the lead up to her big day.


Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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