Liam had been thinking about changing his body for over 3 years

Liam is 28 years old and very well accomplished in his field of a network engineering. However, he wanted to translate the same success into his physique. Before working with Neil, Liam found himself falling into the same trap that a lot of people suffer, by following home training plans. He would be able to manage some consistency for around 6 weeks before he fell off the wagon due to a lack of progression.

Liam wanted to get clarity on the conflicting advice he was reading on the internet, whilst also wanting to follow an approach which suited his physique and lifestyle.

Over 20 weeks, Neil has worked with Liam to reduce his body weight by 7kg, whilst also increasing muscle tissue and strength.

He says he has more energy, more clarity and perhaps most importantly of all, more confidence in himself!

One of Liam’s biggest pitfalls which flawed his earlier attempts at getting in shape was consuming to many liquid calories. We all know how easy it is to be persuaded into social drinks at the end of the week alongside some mindless eating!

Curbing this, and implementing a nutrition plan which was simple to follow and suited his lifestyle has been key to achieving his transformation. Although many people often associate a transformation with cutting calories, in Liam’s case we were able to increase his intake initially! Alongside our structured resistance training programs this provides the perfect grounds for muscle building and it gave us the perfect opportunity to develop specific areas of Liam’s physique to give him that overall athletic but muscled look which he was looking for.

Although Liam had been following some living room style workouts, his experience on the real gym floor was very limited. However once he understood our process, and how to take each step with nutrient dense calculated nutrition and structured training he was able to gain muscle very fast.

“Having developed an interest in weight training over the years but struggling to really get the ball rolling on my own, I finally decided to invest in a personal trainer. After doing some searching online I attended Pioneer for a short consultation where my goals were taken into account so that I could be paired with the right trainer for me.”

“Neil has been fantastic: always ready to answer any questions in or out of training sessions, easy to get on with and clearly knows a thing or two about getting results quickly. Although I’ve only ever worked with Neil, it become clear to me very quickly that he and the rest of the trainers at Pioneer are equally invested in each and every one of their clients and sincerely care about their individual progress.”

“In only 6 months of training here I’ve seen results I never thought possible. I’ve changed as a person for the better both inside and out and what’s more, I’ve gained invaluable knowledge which will enable me to hold my own in the gym and manage my diet effectively for the rest of my life – no more tearing my hair out trying to make sense of all the conflicting information online!”

“An investment worth every penny.”

If you are ready for a plan of action that suits your body and your lifestyle just like Liam contact us and let us know exactly what you want to achieve. It all starts here.

Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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