Lauren lost 31 lbs over 7 months and is in the best shape of her life

Lauren a 25 year old administrator has always done some form of exercise, however over the last 7 months she has been able to unlock her true potential after working with us on a transformation journey. 

It was after returning from a family holiday in Italy when Lauren knew that she needed to make some big changes. The overindulgence had left her feeling uncomfortable and unhappy with the way that she looked.

Since, losing a whopping 31lbs she's never looked back and she can now comfortably fit into a size 10 dress and show off her amazing physique!

"Not only have I improved my physical appearance I have also totally changed the way I think about my nutrition. I always look forward to my sessions with, as they always push me to reach my full potential."

How has your lifestyle changed since working with Pioneer?

“A huge amount! In every aspect I’m a lot more aware of everything on a nutrition basis. Where previously I wouldn’t of cared how many calories were in a chocolate bar or in a drink, I’m now more cautious and take notice of these things. I think in doing this I’m a lot happier ad it’s clear what will keep me working towards my goal and what would in fact slow me down”

What changes have you noticed in your body and how it looks?

“To put it simply I’ve completely shrunk! I feel a lot tighter, and everything just looks better now. I can now look in a mirror and think I don’t look to bad, especially when I can see definition in my arms”

What obstacles did you have during your transformation journey?

“A big obstacle has been my knee. When I was 17 I suffered with a snapped tibia and ruptured cartilage due to a horse riding accident. So knee pain has always been something which I’ve suffered with.

At the beginning this was an issue, but as I progressed and as the journey has went on it’s not as much of an issue. I’ll always get the occasional niggle but most of the time my coach Matthew is able to rectify it or change the movement to something more comfortable. But ultimately it’s a lot stronger than it ever has been!”

When did you start seeing results and how did it make you feel?

“I started seeing results probably around the 6-8 week. In this time frame I was also preparing for the great north run, and I remember looking in the mirror before my last training session and thinking I can really see a big difference”

“It made me feel happy and proud, as I actually didn’t think I was going to be able to achieve this”

What has surprised you the most about your journey? 

“Probably the amount of control which it has actually given me. Most of the time when you see someone under go a transformation, you immediately think about the sacrifices and all of the things which you have to let go of. 

But really for me I’m now in the know on how things should work out with food, and with the guidance of my coach how I should train. 

Away from the gym it’s also given me more confidence in myself, since completing my transformation I’ve been able to get a new job which I don’t think I would of applied for previously. Ultimately I feel like I can achieve a lot more and I now know that I’m in control of my life and how I want it to pan out.”

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Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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