Laura cut 22 lbs in 16 weeks to change her life

Many women spend years trying to get the figure they want

Before coming to Pioneer Performance Laura was a keen rugby player, this had previously always kept her fit, however as many rugby players will testify, the lifestyle is not one that is congruent with keeping weight off and health in line.

Laura had visited several personal trainers across the north east before she came to work with us at Pioneer Performance however she always felt the level of “individuality” which they provided fell short.

A knee operation which Laura went through during her early twenties had left her with aggravation during lower body training. This meant that her approach to training needed to reflect what she was capable of, whilst simultaneously working on improving movements which were limited.

The impact of Laura’s transformation has been far-reaching physical results are immensely motivating but being able to know move and train her lower body pain free has also been one of the deep routed reasons she has been so successful.

One surprising thing which Laura found during her transformation was how simple her nutrition could be. Previously believing significant weight losses (like her’s) were a result of complex and precise nutrition calculations meant that following a diet seemed like an impossible task.

Now she can control calories and allow for social event’s without guilt or needing to worry about the scales- to top it off she can now actually enjoy’s her food on a daily basis!!

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Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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