Although Jack has been in incredible shape for many years, it was time for him to shift gears & undertake his first physique photoshoot.

You are probably not surprised to hear that inside Pioneer Performance, it’s not just our clients who are being push through their paces.

Our coaches also walk the walk. You see, as coaches we expect a great deal from our clients and putting ourselves through the process regularly, allows us to stay in touch with everything our clients experience.

Plus we can’t authentically ask our clients to do something in which we wouldn’t engage with ourselves. Although Jack has been in incredible shape for many years, it was time for him to shift gears & undertake his first physique photoshoot.

Jack’s journey, and love of health & self improvement is one which has been heavily shaped by his own personal experiences.


“Today marked the end of what has been, in my eyes, a very successful 21 weeks of progress. 4 training sessions a week, 2-4 cardio sessions of 300-400 calories total work and a deficit between 400-600 per day. Nothing more complex than that.”


“It’s been a process of committing to the basics with as much as I could give it and I’m really really pleased with the result. There’s been highs and lows and to say it was all plain sailing would be to take value away from this process. The reason it has the potential to give so much is that if you can see the opportunity to grow in the challenges, they only add to the experience.”


“I feel too many potentially get in their own way by expecting the journey ahead to be difficult or unenjoyable before it even begins. Approach it with an open mind & a willingness to learn from others and yourself. Ownership of your decisions and knowing that, if it’s really not worth it, you don’t have to do it. But if it is worth it, it’s on you to put the next foot forward.”

“I asked for help and I’m a professional in this industry – I hope that makes others out there who feel embarrassed to do so feel more comfortable in making that step because a great coach makes the experience a hell of a lot better – I have a lot to thank Paul Standell from the Muscle Mentors for and we’ll be continuing working together going forward.”



“I’ve also included a picture of me at 16 years old. This was probably my heaviest and my lowest point. I looked at the mirror at 16 years old and was miserable. Body composition isn’t everything, far from it, but it’s also not something to discount with the impact it can have on your confidence – because of changes internal and external.”



“The grit. The planning. The putting one foot in front of the other. The getting out of your own way and letting go of narratives that hold you back. Making peace that when you make change, you might have to say goodbye to parts of yourself as you are right now.”

“This has been a process of learning, grit, determination and self belief and a process for me that has transformed body and mind.”


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