Anna dropped the excessive cardio, 4kg of body fat and got into incredible shape in just 16 weeks!

Our client Anna has gone through a fantastic transformation in just 16 weeks! Although Anna had been training consistently prior to visiting us at Pioneer Performance she was falling into the trap that many females fall for... Lots of exercise classes, cardio and continuously dropping calories in an effort to reduce body fat.

Since Anna wasn't unfamiliar with the gym, she did have some basic foundations on how things should be done, but she felt intimidated by the large free weight area in her commercial gym. She knew that this was a barrier to developing the physique that she wanted to achieve.

With this, our private, commercially equipped 121 coaching facility seemed like a perfect fit for her to achieve her goals.

When Anna first came to us she wanted a drastic change. She had been unhappy with her body and ‘stuck in a rut’ on how to move forward. She had good intentions by attending classes at her commercial gym and ‘watching what she eats’ during the working week but she still wasn’t creating the results that she felt she deserved.

Upon assessing Anna’s nutrition, it was very clear on where we could make improvements. Like many people, Anna was under consuming on Protein, Fats, and over-consuming on Carbohydrates. Although Anna wasn’t tracking her calories it was obvious that we had a case of under eating during the week and overeating at the weekend. Leaving her in a small surplus and accumulating body fat.

During her 16 week process, Anna has picked up the key skills needed to build the athletic and toned figure that she has been trying so hard to achieve. Her ability to remain consistent with both training and nutrition has meant that she’s been able to achieve maximum results in minimum time.

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Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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