Jamie, 25, broke the work, sleep repeat cycle to lose 32lbs and completely changed the way he looked!

Chemist Jamie, 25, had been leading the life of a typical young professional; busy, overworked and highly stressed. His weekends and evenings would normally include socialising in local bars with a few friends to unwind after testing days in the office.

Although Jamie wanted to get his body into better shape he was admittedly "consistently thinking, but never consistently doing". He realised that if he didn't get his body weight and lifestyle under control it would only be a matter of time before he found himself in a place that was going go be difficult to come back from.

Before contacting us he confessed that he was the heaviest and least active that he'd ever been.


After a quick google search he found Pioneer Performance and signed up with our Coach Alex immediately after his consultation session.

Jamie wasn’t totally inactive before he began working with us. To keep a degree of ‘damage limitation’ in his life he would run 5k twice per week and cycle to work whenever possible. Although this would limit some of the fat gain from an unhealthy lifestyle it certainly wasn’t enough to gain muscle tissue or increase definition!

He knew that this journey was going to require commitment and doubling down on his efforts outside of the gym as well as inside.

How have you managed to keep yourself motivated during your time training at Pioneer Performance?

“I found it much easier to stay motivated if I was seeing results so I tried to find as many ways to see those results as possible. Weigh yourself, take pictures, look at your previous session and try to better it. Whatever you can do to track progress, do it.”

When we implemented a training and nutrition program for Jamie it was all built solely around him. This meant that the plan was adaptable, and it didn’t completely isolate him from his social circle. This also meant that things quickly began falling into place for him and he started seeing quite significant changes in just 3 weeks. 

“I find it much easier to make the right choice if I’ve already spent some time thinking about what I’m going to eat or when I’m going to train. Help your future self out and make the decision for them before they have to.”

The daily choices which Jamie is making have allowed his results to keep snowballing. These daily choices have now turned to habits.

“I found every time I made a decision to eat the right food, not have a beer or train even when I felt a bit off, the next time I had to make a decision like that it was easier to stick to the plan. Eventually making the right decision became a habit rather than an outlier.”


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Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, timescales on results are not guaranteed, hard work is always required.

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