Body weight is an objective measurement that requires thoughtful interpretation. For most people, it’s not the be all and end all. Nonetheless it can be a great indictor of progression depending on your goal & most clients who come to us with fat loss goals also want to see their body weight reduce.

However, before using body weight as a means of measuring progress, we need to create a reliable way of measuring it.

Although this sounds like a simple task, we see many people set themselves up for failure by making simple mistakes, such as;

  • Taking multiple readings per day
  • Using different scales
  • Moving the scales to different flooring
  • Taking readings at different times
  • Using the scales infrequently

If you are making any of those mistakes, you may find yourself frustrated with inconsistent & sporadic results.

This isn’t helpful.

When you are using body weight as a progress metric – ensure you follow these tips so that you can get reliable and informative measurements;

  • Make sure your bodyweight measurement is one of the first things you do in the morning
  • Keep your ‘routine’ as consistent as possible around measuring
  • Use your scales on the same hard flooring
  • Only use one set of scales
  • Weight yourself naked or in consistent garments
  • Take multiples measurements & use the most consistent reading
  • Don’t weight yourself elsewhere or at different times of day.

Consistency is key to getting reliable body weight data which you can use to compare progress over time.

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