Our circle of influence can sometimes distract us from our long-term goals and aspirations.

It’s often the reason we end up going off track as we get led astray by others.

Either directly, via peer pressure or sabotage, or indirectly by succumbing to what you think people in your environment expect of you.

Others can encourage you to partake in certain activities or behaviours that aren’t in alignment with your goals, and may in some cases be intentional and others completely subconscious on their part.

Your newfound positive habit can make people around you feel uncomfortable about themselves, particularly if they aren’t a health seeking individual. So if they can derail your efforts, it will make them feel better.

3 ways to tackle this issue:

  1. Change your circle of influence.

If you feel like those around you are hindering rather than helping you, change who you hang around with! This is often easier said than done, as it’s not quite as simple as binning off close friends and family. However, Acquaintances or colleagues who you aren’t as attached to and your interaction with them isn’t necessary, it can be easier to cut ties.

In some instances, even if it is a close friend or family member that your struggling with, although it’s a hard truth to swallow, you might be better off without them in your life. People change and it’s okay to drift apart.

Also, remember you can always bring new people into your inner circle who are more like minded.

  1. Inform your circle of influence.

It can sometimes be as simple as actually having a conversation about why you’re doing something and asking for their support for them to realise how they might have been holding you back.

  1. Do what you can.

If you really can’t shake or educate the unsupportive people in your life, just try to control the controllable.

Focus on your circle of control. (The immediate task you can to do take you one step further towards what you want to achieve) and your circle of concern (Your values, compassionate relationships and long-term vision).

Sam Bacon – Pioneer Performance Coach


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