Alex’s client Jamie has been working extremely hard these last 12 weeks and the results really do speak for themselves.

Here are Jamie’s 5 top tips into how he has been so successful in his health and fitness journey:

1. Track progress as much as possible

I found it much easier to stay motivated if I was seeing results so I tried to find as many ways to see those results as possible. Weigh yourself, take pictures, look at your previous session and try to better it. Whatever you can do to track progress, do it.

2. Have a goal.

Being able to have something to aim for meant I had a clear answer when I asked  ask myself  “Why am I doing this?”

3. Make a plan and stick to it

I find it much easier to make the right choice if I’ve already spent some time thinking about what I’m going to eat or when I’m going to train. Help your future self out and make the decision for them before they have to.

4. Communication

Talking to people who share the same or similar goals as myself has really helped me stay motivated. Having people to tell about my latest results or ask questions when I was unsure has been a huge help in keeping up my enthusiasm and sticking to the plan.

5. Build your momentum

I found every time I made a decision to eat the right food, not have a beer or train even when I felt a bit off, the next time I had to make a decision like that it was easier to stick to the plan. Eventually making the right decision became a habit rather than an outlier.


If you’re inspired by Jamie’s story, speak to us about our Personal Training Services and start your journey today.

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