Our client of the month Rachel has made some fantastic progress working with Pioneer Performance coach Sarah Tindale. 

This month we’ve decided to change things up. All of our content is created by our coaches, via our education and our hands-on experience in working with a broad spectrum of clients. However, since our client Rachel has made such significant progress we wanted to hear 5 tips she would give to someone who is looking to drastically alter their body composition.

1. Make sustainable food choices

For years, I assumed (incorrectly) that there are “good” foods and “bad” foods. So whenever I would try to diet, I avoided “bad” foods entirely. Now, you can eat plain chicken and broccoli until it comes out of your ears but ultimately, you’re going to crave something “bad” and you’re probably going to binge – I know because I’ve been there! Instead, use an app like My Fitness Pal to track your macros so you’re aware of what you’re eating and eat foods that you’re actually going to enjoy! You can live a healthy lifestyle without giving up chocolate, you just need to plan for it! Top tip – bulk all of your meals out with loads of veg! Barely noticeable in your calories but will keep you fuller for way longer!

2. Say “no thank you” rather than “I can’t”

When I first started out and people would offer me cake/biscuits/other food that didn’t fit into my macros, I would always say “I can’t” or “I’m on a diet”. For some reason, this opens the floodgates for a ridiculous amount of pressure (“it’s the weekend” “treat yourself” “but you’re already doing so well, a bit can’t hurt”) and I’d have someone else to blame if I ended the day in surplus calories. No-one can make you eat something if you don’t want to – regain control and just politely say no. No pressure, no problem.

3. Set time aside

As a secondary school teacher who also performs with amateur theatre groups in my spare time, I’m constantly busy. But 1 hour in the gym is just over 4% of your day! I make time to exercise at least 3 times a week because I know that it’ll be a chance to just think about myself and clear my head.

4. Listen to your coach

Your coach is there to help you – if they’re asking you to do something, there’s always a reason behind it. Trust them, listen to them and be honest with them. If you don’t have a coach then listen to yourself! Make a plan, stick to it and hold yourself accountable – don’t let yourself off with missing reps or finishing early because your results will only show the work you put in!

5. Be patient

Change takes time. It’s so easy to give up when you don’t see results immediately but, like anything worth having, results take time! Whether your goal is losing fat or building muscle – trust the process, work hard in and out of the gym and the results will come.

With the help of her coach, Rachel has made a huge impact on her body composition and picked up some key skills required to keep it in check. Start making your impact right now and discuss your goals with one of our coaches.

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