About Sarah Tindale

Throughout childhood I was always the ‘sporty one’. Constantly moving and getting involved in an array of different sports/activities. I was always labelled a bit of a powerhouse due to rocking a set of thick thighs that could sprint, jump and kick a ball as well as most boys my age.

I wasn’t always happy with this label. In my late teens, I longed to be skinny. This lead me to obsessing over calories and cardio. It worked. But I was still unhappy. It wasn’t until completion of my degree in Sport, Exercise and Nutrition that I realised I was doing it wrong the whole time – combining proper nutrition and lifting weights is how you change your body shape!

My journey didn’t have a good start. That’s why I can now help clients prevent making the same mistakes. Cardio won’t get you that toned physique, it will leave you feeling shapeless.

What I have to offer is unique in the sense that you not only come to me to get results but to also have fun and become more confident. I like to build a relationship with my clients and empower them to be the best, version of themselves.

I not only provide a very high quality 1-2-1 service but also get a lot of enjoyment out of teaching classes, specifically targeted at women to become bad ass.

I aim to instil the ethos of “strong not skinny” within my clients. Not just physically, but mentally. I will create the environment in which you can thrive and develop the confidence to “Be Unstoppable”. You are capable of anything, I’m just here to make you realise that.

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