5 Reasons your not making progress – #5 Your perfect conditions do not exist

If you want something go and get it. Pretty open statement right? Heavily open to interpretation. What we are going to say might ruffle a few feathers and we make no apologies for that. We are not for everyone. We make no apologies for that either…

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Everyone has dreams and aspirations throughout various aspects of life. However many do little or nothing to reach those dreams and aspirations. Continuously procrastinating; yes, no, maybe, later etc.

One of the most common mistakes we see clients make is waiting. “I’ll join the gym once I’ve lost some weight”, “I’ll start this diet after my friends wedding”, “I’ll wait for Monday morning”, “I need new trainers before I join the gym”, “My FitBit hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t go”.

IMO (Matthew) we have it FAR to good. There are too many systems in place to catch us when fall. This applies to the various intricacies of life be it financial, health, business etc. These safety nets continuously allow for MEDIOCRACY. Let’s take LTD companies, for example, once you’ve F****ED it, you can walk away and keep a roof over your head, the government, insurance companies, and the public will pick up the pieces.

I wonder how many business owners would actually let it all go down the S****R if they’d be putting their family on the street as a result. We are slightly off topic now but hopefully, you catch my drift.

We can’t do the work for you, but we have built the right environment for you to succeed. It’s ready and waiting. 

The exact same principle applies to our world. Stop waiting to improve your health, stop waiting to transform your physique and take the actions needed to move forward.


– Your perfect conditions do not exist.

– Stop procrastinating – Go get it.

– Imagine your on the edge of a cliff, someone has a knife, you can’t go backward and your only option is fight. Address your goals in this manner, watch how much you get done.

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