5 Reasons your not making progress #2 Short-term thinking

It is widely understood that what motivates people the most is mainly their short-term motivators. Dropping a dress size, getting bikini ready, running a half marathon etc. This can result in a yo-yo approach to any form of fat loss of physique progression and in the long run they never get any closer to what they really desire. Their long-term motivators are not strong enough.

It is important when setting goals that we think of the bigger picture. Let’s take an example of one month’s fat loss for 2 people.

Person A loses 8lbs in one month whereas Person B loses only 1lbs in that month. From the first glace, person A has made more progress which seems great.

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However, Person A has rushed the fat loss because of a holiday, or a to make a certain dress size in time for a wedding and made no habitual changes to their lifestyle due to the unsustainable nature of their training and nutrition. They then fall of the wagon after their event or holiday because it has now finished and they end up putting the weight back on.

Person B only lost 1lbs, but over the course of a year and because they have been able to adhere to their training and nutrition at it has been sustainable they will manage to lose 12lbs which is close to 1 stone. Person B in this example is more successful in their efforts because they have thought about their long-term goals as motivators to push them each month.

It is easy to fall into the trap of crash dieting, taking a yo-yo approach and never actually getting anywhere in the long run. Set short-term goals that excite you and pull you from achieving your short-term goals straight into achieving your long-term goals.

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