“I will never get in shape”
“I’ve tried every diet under the sun”
“I will always be fat”
“I’ve got bad genetics”

Sound familiar?

It is extremely common to have people think like this and we see it time and time again with new clients coming into Pioneer Performance.

We understand that if you don’t see results quick enough it can be very frustrating and lead to you becoming disheartened and reversing back into your old damaging lifestyles.

The reason why many people believe they will “never get in shape” is because they haven’t given it enough time and patience to get results. That is why it is so important to find a way of training and eating that is manageable, sustainable and enjoyable! It will not happen over night and you will not get fantastic long lasting changes in your physique over the course of a few weeks. Building a great physique takes months and years of dedication and consistency, so embrace the long game.

Some people can lose fat and change their body composition a lot easier than others, and your genetic makeup can have a big impact on how you well you build muscle and lose fat. However, that is not an excuse you should be using into why you are not achieving your goals. Play the cards you are dealt with, and work hard with what you have got.

You can 100% lose fat you have gained. It can be lost and will be lost if you follow a well thought out structured nutrition and training program.

Remember that you are aiming to be the best version of yourself.

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