About Jack Curtis

Growing up I was always the big kid in my friends group, which didn’t really bothered me. I played a lot of rugby so it was actually pretty useful as a forward! When I turned 17 though, I hit a real low and the way I looked and felt really started to impact on my confidence. It was a real turning point for me and stepping on the scales to see nearly 19 stone at that age gave me a wake-up call.


I started off with some simple changes and in time found myself on the path that has brought me to where I am today. Before starting my degree, I spent 6 months as a ski instructor in Whistler, Canada where my passion for coaching others really began. So, in between my second and third year I qualified as a Personal Trainer and began working in the fitness industry.

My philosophy when it comes to working with others is all about meeting you where you are right now and giving you an approach that suits both your goals and your lifestyle. I am a firm believer that there are many ways to achieve what you want, provided you comply to some fundamental principles. The way it looks in practice is different for us all in your training, nutrition and lifestyle, so getting to know you is a really important part of the relationship we have when working together.

I highly value continued development in my career and as such spend as much time as possible learning from those at the top of their game in training, nutrition and understanding the way we behave and form habits. I have been fortunate enough to work with a wide range of clients, from 7-year-old tennis players trying to get better at their favourite sport, to 70-year-old clients who want to make sure they can get down to the floor and back up safely, to people who want to improve their strength and body composition. Seminars and courses have been great for building a broad knowledge in fitness and health, but my greatest learning experiences are with clients on the gym floor.


I believe everyone can get stronger, move better and feel confident in themselves. My mission is to help the people I work with achieve the things they truly want, in a way that doesn’t take away but adds to the lifestyle they want to lead.

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