About Finn Stanley

After graduating from university and gaining additional qualifications I soon began to find myself surrounded by happy clients who could boast great results and a new passion for life. I have been lucky enough to work with clients of varying backgrounds including international level athletes, university sports teams and amateur athletes, those looking to rehabilitate themselves following years of postural misalignments or injuries and those just looking to burn some fat and tone up.

With a background in teaching and personal experience in any sport I could get access to I tested various careers before realising a career in health and fitness was where I would excel and discover a job that allowed me to do what I love everyday, help people feel great!

It is my job to help people move better, live better, look better and feel better. My evidence based approach coupled with my joy of teaching and enthusiasm for life helps me to not only address people’s physical issues, but provide each client with an enjoyable and fulfilling experience of self improvement.

When I’m not in the gym you might find me cliff diving with my son, kayaking down African white water with friends, entering a mens physique competition, or snowboarding across the Swiss boarder for a cheese fondue because life is for living and fit people live best.

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