6 Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

At some point in time, everyone has experienced a day when they simply can’t shake the fatigue of a poor nights sleep.

Sometimes this can be down to a low quality sleep, or when the number of hours has been insufficient.

Either of these can have a profound impact on how we feel the on the following day (and days after).

Whilst we are all familiar the Zombie like feeling after a poor nights rest, there are some symptoms, which may be less recognisable that could be impacting your waking hours, such as;

Slowed thinking

Reduced attention span

Worsened memory

Poor or risky decision-making

Lack of energy

Mood Changes – including feelings of stress, anxiety, or irritability

A person’s symptoms can depend on the extent of their sleep deprivation and whether it is acute or chronic.

Reference: sleepfoundation.org

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