One thing that many people do in January is go hell for leather at any attempt to lose that Christmas fat!

They will take up the latest diet fad and drop calories significantly, start doing loads of cardio, throw themselves straight into tones of gym classes and go cold turkey on every single thing they enjoy in life.

The problem with doing too much at once and jumping straight in the deep end if you are just starting out is that you give your self no time to adapt to any of the changes you are implementing. Non of them have time to become habitual before they all become too overwhelming and you throw in the towel completely.

Whatever you do with starting your health and fitness journey, it needs to fit around your lifestyle in a sustainable manner. If it doesn’t and you are making too many extreme sacrifices too soon then your attempts to lose weight will be short lived and unsuccessful, trust me.

It happens time and time again, and I am sure you reading at some point or another will have been unsuccessful in your long term weight loss efforts. Don’t rush the process and think about making changes to your lifestyle that you can see yourself doing 2/5/10 years down the line.

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