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Do you work with women?

If YES, then this workshop is for you!

Regardless of whether your client is pregnant or not, this is relevant!

The Pre & Post Natal Workshop with
Collette Pryer
25th May 2024

The concepts that Collette will explore are applicable to all women! 

Whether your client ever plans to have a child, or already has children.

As Personal Trainers, it's our duty to develop an understanding on how we can help them now & for the future.

Collette has over 10 years experience, specialising in helping Mum's Pre & Post Birth.

Working with a diverse group of experts, Collette has harnessed a broad spectrum of insights and strategies. 

These are specifically designed to support expectant and new mothers, focusing on preparing for childbirth and facilitating recovery. 

Her approach combines rigorous biomechanical knowledge with practical applications, offering a comprehensive support system for women during this crucial time.

The workshop starts in...

Ticket Price  £147.00

Do you need to be a specialist to attend?

No, but this a fantastic way to get you prepared if you plan on working with pregnant women.

What exactly will she be covering?

Exercise considerations prior to, during & after pregnancy.

The 3 Trimesters
Pelvic Floor
Pressure Management
Birth Preparation
The ribcage, hips & feet
Breathing Mechanics

From attending this course, you will not only learn the theory, but also explore it practically!

Collettes objective is to pass the message along.

Pelvic floor issues & complications pre or post natal should not be overlooked. 

She wants to empower coaches to have the confidence to not only help their clients, but also to have empathy for what they might be feeling. 

This is crucial for coaches to develop the understanding & know what is going to be best for their clients.

Join us on May 25th for the Pelvic Floor Workshop at the Pioneer Performance Facility.

The Workshop Starts In...

Ticket Price  £147.00


The course will take place over one full day. We aim to start at 9 am and finish by 5 pm/5:30 pm. 


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