Pioneer Performance – Gym Access Walk Through

The following guide & video will walk you through accessing the Pioneer Performance Gym during unstaffed hours.

When you arrive at Pioneer, touch your Key Fob onto the Key Pad & you will hear a beep, followed by lights flashing at the bottom of the keypad. After 2-3 seconds, the light on the keypad will go green, the door will unlock & you’ll be able to enter the gym.

Please ensure the door is fully closed behind you – this will lock the door, preventing anyone without a keyfob from being able to enter. The magnetic lock at the top of the door will display a green light when this is the case. If the light is red, the door is not fully closed. You can always exit at any time by pushing the green exit button to the left of the door.

The first set of light switches is on the wall to your right as you enter, and the second set is located around the corner next to the W/C entrance.

The gym’s sound system is connected to an iPad at the rear of the gym, which utilises Spotify, should you want to use it. There is no passcode. Turn the iPad & amplifier on. Please don’t play music at a volume above the white line.

Once you’ve finished training, if you are the last person in the gym, please turn off the lights & sound system.

If you are the last person in, when exiting the gym, please touch your keyfob against the internal keypad to the left of the door, followed by the green button to exit. Once you are outside, push the silver button & ensure the door is fully closed. You may hear the alarm set as you leave.

If you are not the last person in, leave the lights on, push the green button to exit & ensure the door is fully closed behind you.

Gym Etiquette

If you enter the gym during unstaffed hours and another member(s) are already training, please be friendly, say hello & let them know you are there. Please also let them know when you are leaving.

No behaviour which could be deemed as threatening or anti-social towards another member will be tolerated.

Place all equipment back & keep bags and items of loose clothing in the lockers upstairs.

In case of emergency

Fire Exits:

There are 2 Fire Exits at Pioneer Performance. One is the front door where you entered (green button to exit), and the other is to the rear of the gym, behind the far squat rack (push bar to exit).

Fire Extinguishers:

In the unlikely event of a fire, two Fire Extinguishers are at the front door if you feel confident about tackling a fire.

First Aid:

The first aid kit is located inside the grey & black sideboard in the gym waiting area.


The defibrillator is located on the wall next to the physiotherapy room.

Panic Button:

As pictured, a silent alarm is located to the right of the physio room door. After pushing this alarm, Matthew & Alex will be notified by telephone and assist accordingly if they can do so.


In all cases of emergency, dial 999.

Please use the details below if you have a non-emergency situation and would like to contact us.

Matthew Walker – Co-Owner | 07817442170

Alex Esgate – Co-Owner | 07788194113

Sam Bacon – Gym Manager | 07854194735

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