Pioneer Performance Education

For coaches who want to scale their knowledge, get better results for their clients and build a reputation in the North East.

The Fundamentals of Exercise Mechanics Weekend Workshop -
30th September & 1st October

Pioneer Performance Education is led by our Head of Education, Sam Bacon & assisted by the Pioneer Performance team.

Our two-day, in-person workshop will be hosted at our private facility.

Our practical coaching weekend is guaranteed to transform your coaching skills, build your confidence on the gym floor, and help you to produce high-quality experiences & results with your clients.

Your client's results & experiences are the backbone of your business.

Although information and education are readily accessible with the click of a button, a crucial aspect of coaching cannot be learned online - the ability to deliver your skills effectively.

To become a proficient Personal Trainer, acquiring hands-on experience by assessing & coaching on the gym floor is essential. 

Simply possessing knowledge is not enough.

You must have the ability to communicate your expertise and deliver that in a way that it can add value to your client's experience & results.

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 The biggest challenges Personal Trainers face in understanding Exercise Mechanics. 


Feeling overwhelmed by complicated jargon.
Not being able to recognise individualities in clients.
Worrying about trying to personalise exercise in case 
"it doesn't work."
Not understanding how to link the theory and practical application.
Being unsure of how to assess a client's individual abilities.
Lack of confidence in troubleshooting clients issues in exercises.

We help you to:

Understand all of the information in a way that is memorable and easy to digest.
Find a system that will allow you to feel confident in a hands-on setting to assess your clients.
Truly personalise exercise for each client you work with.
Build the link between theory and application on the gym floor with your clients.
Enhance your efficiency in getting client results as well as buy-in from your coaching.

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We can teach you all the skills and knowledge you need to be a world-class Personal Trainer.

This is not an easy ride. The road to progression is attempted by many but completed by few... 

However, our team have a combined experience of over 50 years in the health & fitness industry, and we have a mantra that we live by: 

"Alone, we can go fast, but together we can go far." 

We understand the struggles that many personal trainers face & we want to give you the knowledge & practical tools to make this a long-term, fruitful career.


What Personal Trainers say about our courses.

Evaluating my practice is going to be a big thing that I'm going to be doing over the next few weeks.

The information that you'll receive here is just invaluable, it's going to apply to every single person you work with.

Lewis Bowman

Personal Trainer - Pure Gym Eldon Gardens

All of the stuff we did that catered to someone as an individual was mind-blowing.

I'm definitely going to start assessing my clients through what I've learned today.

Everyone was very knowledgeable and extremely friendly.

Lewis Howe

Personal Trainer - JD Gyms Shiremoor

I definitely recommend this course I think is a great day. 

There is a lot of real knowledge to take away & digest. 

It is also a great opportunity to connect with other people & to see where you are in terms of your knowledge & your current abilities. 

Overall the experience was excellent!

Marco Antonioli

Medical Doctor & Personal Trainer - The Gym Group Benton

Weekend Course Content & Schedule

Join us on September 30th & October 1st for a full weekend of exploring Exercise Mechanics at the Pioneer Performance Facility.

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The course will take place over two days, September 30th & October 1st. We aim to start at 9 am and finish by 5 pm/5:30 pm daily. 


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Unit 5 Hawick Crescent
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