We asked our amazing client and Pioneer of the month Theo for her 5 top tips to being successful with her goals and here is what she had to say:

“A body transformation of any type is not an easy process and can be proved hard and tedious. This is why most people would rather not commit to it in the first place and stay within their comfort zone. However, if you are that someone who is willing to take a ‘step of faith’ and commence this journey, then here are below 5 tips on how to succeed without suffering…greatly.

1. Get your mindset right

Prior to entering yourself into a journey that will most likely last a long time -months or even years, make sure you have prepared yourself for what is coming. Think of all the things and habits you will have to set aside or ‘discard’ from your new life. Make sure you are aware you are entering a new lifestyle and not a short-term life event; forget the word ‘diet’ as it relates to a temporary situation. You are all in or not at all. There is not a grey area in this circumstance.

2. You are NOT busy for this

Once you admit this then you will be amazed how much available time you have in your hands. Think of it as it is only 45 minutes to an hour out of your 24-hour day. Having a family or a busy work schedule is understandable, however, if I manage to squeeze an hour’s session in my incredibly heavy workload so can you. I travel around the UK 3 days a week and yet somehow, I manage to get my gym sessions done. So does my colleague who has 2 underage children.

3. Prepare your meals in advance and in volumes

The key to achieving your body goals is preparing your meals beforehand. Sacrifice a good few hours on a day of your preference in preparing meals for the next 3-4 days. Make sure your meals are cooked along with a number of vegetables and greens. The more the merrier. I personally buy all my vegetables and slice/cut them on Saturdays and cook them on Sundays. In this way I split the prep time in 2 days and the overall cooking process does not seem too long. This is what works for me; you try and find what suits your schedule best.

4. Trust your coach

Listen to what they have to say and trust them with what they provide you with let it be strict daily caloric intake or hard, intense training sessions. Accept it, take whatever they give you and work on them. They know what they are doing. The nutrition plans as well as training sessions you are given are specifically tailored for you. They will tell you the truth as it is; raw and will not sugar coat it. So, put your ego aside, stop complaining, suck it in and trust them completely.

5. Calm down and keep your motivation up

Do not over-obsess about it. Be calm and do not let it become your sole life goal. Stay consistent and you will still get the results you are wishing for even if you fail once or twice. Remind yourself why you are doing this and keep your motivation levels as high as possible. Besides, this is NOT what is going to bring the happiness you are after. You NEED to enjoy it. It is part of your life now so it better be pleasing.”

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