This is a big one for most of us girls… cellulite.

First off, what even IS it?

– in short, it’s ‘dimples’ in the skin caused by an increase in the fatty tissue (subcutaneous fat) beneath your visible layer of skin (epidermis) and dermis (collagen fibers).

We typically see cellulite around our upper legs and glutes. Some people may need to pinch the skin to see it, others might not. And unfortunately, it does appear more in us girls than in men – mainly because of fat distribution and a higher body fat percentage.

But why does is it develop in the first place?

1. Poor diet. You knew it was coming. Eating processed foods and too many calories.

2. Increase in body fat percentage.

3. Dehydration.

4. Lighter skin (not a cause but it’s easier to see).

So, how do we reduce/get rid of it?

1. STOP BUYING CREAMS. They don’t work.

2. Massage. Get a massage, use a foam roller, ball or hands to increase blood flow to the area. And do it regularly!

3. Weight train. Increases blood flow to the area and increases muscle mass.

4. Drink lots of water!

5. Eat well. Lots of ‘whole foods’ – fruit & veggies, quality protein, no processed crap.

6. Reduce body fat percentage. Taking action with the above should help lead to this.

You’ll be able to see online that various laser treatments, liposuction, and subcision (cutting it out) are “treatments” but, we all know how quick fixes work – they don’t.

Change your lifestyle and you will fix the problem long-term instead of having to repeatedly go through the same action.


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