The idea of going to a gym can be extremely daunting for many and some avoid it altogether due to high anxiety.

We totally understand your situation and we have many clients come to us in the same situation. Commercial gyms can be very intimidating, especially if you are not confident in your abilities to perform certain exercises or just feel generally out of your comfort zone. If this is something you experience then try our 3 top tips below:

1. Choose the right gym

Having a training environment where you can feel comfortable going is a huge part of a persons progression with their goals. Go get day passes and try out a few gyms to see which one feels right for you to feel the best in. Sometimes paying a little extra to be comfortable in your surroundings is more than worth it.

2. Learn how to exercise properly

One of the main issues in feeling anxiety with the gym is not knowing exactly what you’re doing. If you take time to learn about correct form and programming either from a professional, or self-taught, then you will feel more confident in your abilities and be able to kill every workout!

3. Focus on you

This is easier said than done, but applying this attitude can stop the worrying and allow for some great, anxiety-free workouts. Go into every session with a purpose and work hard on your own goals. 9/10 times no one cares anyway, and the time they do has no bearing on how you should see your self. –
At Pioneer performance we offer an intimidation-free facility where our clients can train in a supportive, community-driven environment allowing them to reach their true potential. The exclusive memberships we have to offer allows clients to build confidence in their exercises and programs without the pressures most commercial gyms come with.

Here’s what one of our clients has to say:

“Training at Pioneer Performance filled me with the confidence I needed to be able to attack every work out in my local gym without feeling overwhelmed or nervous.

I’ve begun to realise that a lot of those mental scripts that I’d told myself in the past are not true.

My only regret is not going to them sooner and wasting years on the treadmill being scared of the rest of the gym” Aimee, 29, Client partnership director.

If you’re inspired by Aimee’s results, speak to us about our Personal Training Services and start your journey today.

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