Everyone loves a meal out, whether it’s for a birthday party, family reunion or even just because!

So to keep you progressing and moving forwards whilst eating out follow these 5 tips!

1. You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get. We all know how easy it is for a chef to put a sauce on the side, swap chips for salad whilst also refraining from coating everything in olive oil. Just ask.
2. Go for meals which are less complicated and prioritise basic ingredients. You’re more likely to be able to track them in MyFitnessPal and calorically they will be less.
3. If you think the place you’ve chosen will be very difficult to gauge and manipulate plan accordingly. This could mean reducing the calories in meals prior to your evening out.
4. Adding in an extra training session before or after your evening out can help negate the extra calories you’ll likely be consuming. However, don’t go over the top with this.
5. If you are changing what you would normally pick at a restaurant be prepared for your friends to notice. Shout your successes and bring them into your world.

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