Geoff came to us with the aim of transforming his body and educating himself so that he could instill the same behaviors to benefit his family.

He only had a short time to work with us however we were able to secure him some incredible results.

“What can I say about Alex and Matthew. They took 4 hours between them for 8 weeks out of their own time to sort me out. As the pictures show they succeeded.

“Don’t believe this was easy – I crawled out of every session broken, knowing I had been pushed beyond my limit. My life was turned upside down with nutrition and exercise, in turn it has had a great effect on the family, we all eat clean and are being more active as a whole.

“With this it makes me truly grateful to the guys and in their debt. Alex and Matthew can show you the door, it’s down to yourself to step through it and put everything you have into it. If you have an idea of were you want to be, these boys will give you their all. Give it yours and the results will come.

“Thanks for all the beastings and I will be back for more soon.” – Geoff

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