Has this ever been you:

You had the best training session, completed your daily steps, hit your macronutrients, water intake was perfect, but you step on the scales the day or even week after and you have put on weight. You panic, maybe cry, and think that all is lost.

What might have happened:

-You ate too much salt the day before
-You stepped on different scales
-You weighed yourself at different times of the day
-You are menstruating (for women obviously)
-You have just eaten and drank
-You haven’t been to the toilet

What won’t have happened:

-You put on 1lb+ of fat

It is very common for us to panic if we put on weight over one day, so don’t feel like it is only you. However, you have to realise that your weight fluctuates massively dependent on the factors mentioned above.
If you stuck perfectly to your program and nutrition for 4-8 weeks straight then I guarantee you will be surprised by what you can achieve. However, if you have only one week of being consistent, then have a huge binge, or the week after is crap, then you will never make any significant progress. If in those week you are doing everything perfect and still not getting the results you want, then that is the time for a good personal trainer or coach to make appropriate changes to your plan.
Everyone has fat, and fat CAN be lost, so just be patient and realise that the diet mentality of losing weight over night needs to be forgotten. Slow and steady really does win the race.
Why don’t you have a look through the level of transformations we have achieved with our clients through being consistent and committed.
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