When looking to achieve success in a given subject whether it’s fat loss, muscle building, financial or business related having the right people around you is crucial.

How many times have you seen someone get into incredible shape (probably the best shape of their life) and then completely reverse it in a short space of time? Having the right people will not only further your success but also it will create sustainable changes for a greater length of time.

Socialising with people who don’t have the same common interests is where I often see clients beginning to loose their S***. The stress of being ‘different’ can be too much. Drinking water in a bar, having a chicken salad in a restaurant and going out but taking the car are all things which can be done however the fear of being judged or being made fun of tends to make everything fall apart. At this point you can do one of two things; 1. Learn not to give F*** and become a recluse or 2. Enrol your immediate friends and family into your lifestyle.

Number 2 might seem like a huge amount of effort but it needn’t be. At Pioneer the majority of new clients are from referrals. Husbands being inspired by their wives having more energy around the kids, mothers seeing their children actually eating the foods they had to force feed for years (green’s and unprocessed foods) and grandparents getting into the best health of their lives. These are all perfect examples of the power of enrolment.

Preparing the environment around you is going to provide you with longevity. Just going to the gym and changing your nutrition is often not enough. But showing friends and family how much better their lives can be when good health is an ambition is an easy way to bring people into your world and your passion.

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