Here is our client Anna’s words on training at Pioneer Performance:

What made you join Pioneer Performance?

I was still training really hard and enjoying the gym, however I had stopped seeing any results. My goal was to develop a more toned look but it became clear to me I didn’t know how to achieve this by myself. Although I did my own research, much of this was conflicting and I ended up trying everything….low fat, zero carbs, cardio, fat burners…nothing was working! I knew if I continued, my motivation and love for the gym would most likely drop. I decided to research a gym which would offer one-to-one support and help me with my goals and that’s when I contacted Pioneer.

How happy are you with your progress?

I couldn’t be happier with my results! Before joining Pioneer, I didn’t truly believe I was capable of getting the results I wanted. However I listened to all of Alex’s expertise and followed the training and nutrition plan he set me in accordance with my goals. Sure enough, week by week I began to see changes and my confidence grew with it!

What do you like most about pioneer performance?

What I like most is that Alex knows me so well, each session is really tailored to not only my goals but what I actually enjoy. I know that each session I’ll be pushed really hard and I always leave Pioneer with a sense of achievement. I love the range of equipment too because a lot of it you don’t see in many other gyms.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining pioneer performance?

I’d say go for it! Given the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, I think Pioneer is ideal for people who may be put off joining a larger gym. You feel part of a very supportive community in terms of the expertise and knowledge of all the trainers and experiences shared by members.


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