Calorie Cycling is a great way to become stronger and lose body fat whilst also enjoying the foods you love and having the energy to push yourself in the gym.

How does Calorie Cycling work?

In order to reduce body fat, we need to average a reduction in calories. This can come in the form of moving more ‘burning calories’ or reducing your calorie intake.

In order to train effectively and intensely enough to initiate muscle growth, we need to have enough fuel on board.

So how can we create a calorie deficit some of the time yet have enough fuel on board to train intensely the rest of the time…?

Calorie Cycling – Check out the infographic below to see an example of how you can plan out a week’s worth of training and nutrition. This is calorie cycling in one of it’s most basic forms. We are simply consuming more fuel on the days when it’s required and consuming less on the days where our activity is likely to be lower. Many people make the mistake of trying to cut calories all of the time which can often leave you feeling burnt out an unmotivated to train.

Aside from being fuelled for your training sessions and being able to pick and choose when you would like to reduce your calories, taking a cyclic approach also allows you to fit in social events and allow for extra calories when need be.

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