This is an unusual post for us as it’s been written by one of our clients who would like to remain anonymous. So we need to respect that. Listen to her story on how transforming her physique helped her climb the corporate career ladder. Enjoy!

The corporate business world can be a daunting place to succeed in. With hierarchies of staff, owners and directors you never put a face to and largely male-dominated boardroom meetings. It can be a very challenging place heard, never mind to excel and progress.

When I first entered this world I wasn’t heard, my boss was intimidating and I was overlooked for promotions. Being overweight and lacking in confidence ever since school this wasn’t out of the ordinary for me. However, i always knew I wanted more. I wanted more from my career and I wanted more from myself.

I decided to start with me. I contacted the guys at Pioneer Performance. I saw some of the results which the coaches had produced and although I didn’t believe I was capable of anything near that, I still felt I’d be able to make some improvements.

As I started to improve my shape I noticed my confidence went up. As my strength climbed I noticed my colleagues taking me seriously. After finishing 26 weeks of coaching I was a different person. I felt like I had created the person which I’ve been wanting to see in the mirror for the last 6 years.

I’m more productive, my body language has improved and I’m pushing forward with my career knowing how to sustainably manage my physique. Yes, I have a physique! This is a HUGE stress off my mind.

I cannot thank the guys at Pioneer Performance enough, it’s been a great experience and I’ve learned so much in such a short space of time.

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