A staggering 30% of our client base here at Pioneer Performance work within the NHS. For most this means … NIGHTSHIFT.

Depending on which department your working in this can mean one, two, three or even four weeks of living on the other side of the clock.

Not only does this pose a huge challenge for regulating bodily functions but it makes sticking to any training or nutrition plan even more difficult.

Here we have laid out 7 Tips we utilise with our clients to regulate their sleep as best we can when moving into a night shift rotation.

  1. Use blackout blinds – Ensuring your room is free from even mild sunlight is essential to create an environment where you can enter deep restorative sleep patterns.
  2. Apply ‘Night Shift Mode’ on screens 3-4 hours prior to completing your shift – The blue light emitted by screens is great for providing the ultimate viewing experience but is also detrimental for regulating a circadian rhythm (sleep rhythm). Staring at these prior to bed isn’t too dissimilar to staring at the sun.
  3. Wear sunglasses on your journey home – Following a similar principle to the tip above, blocking out sunlight prior as your winding down is essential to getting into an effective sleeping pattern during a series of night shifts.
  4. Make sure your last meal contains carbohydrates – Most people have experienced eating a large bowl of oats or similar large serving of carbohydrate dense foods and shortly afterward felt lethargic and sleepy. An influx of carbohydrates stimulates the release of serotonin which helps us to regulate sleep cycles.
  5. Utilise Magnesium and Zinc pre-bed – Both Zinc and Magnesium possess the ability to relax muscle & nerves to allow for a deeper, higher quality sleep.
  6. Avoid caffeine 4-5 hours before bed – Minimising your exposure to stimulants prior to finishing work is essential to ensure that you have the opportunity to get a quality nights sleep.
  7. Clear your mind of the ‘noise’

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