Our client Lauren Morpeth has achieved some incredible results recently and these efforts have earned her our prestigious Pioneer of the month award!

Lauren has always been fit and done some form of training, however over the last 11 weeks she has really unlocked her true potential. After needing reconstructive surgery on her knee some time ago following a horse riding accident, Lauren has always suffered from pain and niggles that would have previously limited her lower body training. However, we have now achieved a level of conditioning in her lower body which has seen her knee pain reduce to lower than ever before.

To add to her merits she has also achieved a 22lb weight loss over the last 11 weeks and recently shaved 30 minutes off her best Great North Run time.


We asked Lauren to give us her 5 Top Tips for anyone who is looking to achieve fantastic results in the same way she has:

1. Take yourself seriously. Don’t just assume you can wing it and get the end product you were hoping for

2. Invest your time in a fantastic (cough cough) PT!!

3. Take the bad with good. Your not going to feel on top form everyday and feel fantastic, however it’s all part of the process. Makes the good days all the more worthwhile.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or seek some guidance. Don’t struggle on your own!

5. Enjoy the process! Once you get a glimpse of where you want to be, body and mind, it makes you all the more hungry (pardon the pun) to become the best version of yourself!

If you’re inspired by Lauren’s story, speak to us about our Personal Training Services and start your journey today.


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