Joanne has been working with our owner Matthew on this project for the last 12 months – so far together they have managed to lose over 25lbs and take her self-confidence to another level.


Here are Joanne’s 5 Top Tips which she would like to pass onto anyone that is going on a journey similar to hers

1. Create an unbreakable mindset

You cannot outperform how you think and feel…FACT.  The direct connection between physical and mental health is well publicised so working on creating a positive mental attitude will serve you well inside and outside the gym.  There is lot of information out there in the way of motivational self-help videos, literature and social media campaigns to help build that positive mind-set.

2. Be Honest

If your feeling amazing and motivated share it with your coach but likewise if your struggling and unmotivated at times SHARE IT WITH YOUR COACH.  Being completely honest will help break down barriers to success and will help identify possible patterns in behaviour that can be worked on, there is no one more motivated than them to see you succeed so build that relationship with them from the start.

3. Goal Setting

Your goals are going to change as you progress and will need to be revisited regularly to keep you on the right track.  What motivated you to get you started in the first place may not be what keeps you moving forward.  Break them down into small, measureable, realistic goals (SMART) which will help build that momentum.

4. Planning

I’m not the best when it comes to food prepping in advance but I do plan ahead, I need to know what I am eating so I can remain consistent and I always have a backup plan if I am caught short i.e. whey protein, fresh fruit.

5. Face your fears

Show up with intent and believe in your capabilities! Don’t let negative chit chat in your head tell you “you can’t” because you absolutely can! Believe me,  when you achieve what you thought was impossible…. that feeling of accomplishment will far outweigh the fear of failure.


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