5 Reasons your not making progress – #4 Your training intensity is to low

Your training intensity is to low

Intensity is a variable of training that not many fully understand and not many can get nailed. Training intensity is understood as the effort applied in a session. This can be through manipulating load, reps, rest or internal focus.

Sometimes training can be tough and it can really test your character, but make sure you work hard and push yourself through every exercise is essential for progressive overload and to force an adaptive response. However, it is important to not forget the importance of proper form and execution being at the forefront when thinking about increasing training intensity.

Make sure you go into the gym with a clear focus and work hard. Mulling around with no plan of action, going half-arsed into each exercise, playing on your phone or chatting to your friends will only obstruct you for what you are actually there for (to make progress). Use your time in the gym wisely, train hard, but train smart.

At Pioneer Performance we help you understand your limits in a safe and effective manner, so you can implement the same intensity to your training outside of Pioneer.

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